Canadian Tire

Short-Term Debt

Credit Facilities

C$ in millions (as at July 2, 2022) Retail CT REIT Financial Services
Committed bank lines1 $2,066 $300 $2,250
Less: Usage2 ($46) ($6) $0
Available bank lines $2,020 $294 $2,250
Lenders 7 Canadian + 4 International
Financial Institutions
7 Canadian Financial Institutions  Bank of Nova Scotia
Expiry date June 2027 ($1,850) / August 2024 ($125) / October 2022 ($91) September 2026 October 2024

 1Borrowers for the Retail segment are Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited and Helly Hansen Holding AS.

2CT REIT usage includes $6.4 million letters of credit outstanding under the committed bank lines.


U.S. Commercial Paper

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited (CTC) has a U.S. dollar-denominated commercial paper program that allows it to issue up to a maximum aggregate principal amount of US$1.0 billion of short-term promissory notes into the U.S. Tier 2 market. CP can be issued under this program with terms to maturity ranging from one to 270 days. Any issuance made under the program will rank equally in right of payment with all other  unsecured and unsubordinated obligations to creditors of CTC.

Program Size  C$ equivalent outstanding (as at July 2, 2022) Credit Ratings
 US $1.0 billion  $0 Credit Ratings